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The realisation of the economic well-being of the state and nation, and the justified concern to achieve a rapid economic growth through a sustained increase in both the volume and patterns of the trade necessitated the existence of Commerce Department in the State Ministry of Commerce and industry. The micro and macro economic impact of this department to the over?all economy of the state cannot be over emphasized.

The policy objectives of Commerce department are categorized under three broad headings thus:-


The domestic trade policy aims at accomplishing the following objectives:

(i) To promote and maintain a free flow of commerce by assiduously removing all constraints on the distributive channels so as to ensure that all consumer goods or other commodities, particularly of an essential nature, are in adequate supply to our people at the right time, at the right place and at the right price.

(ii) To encourage the training of manpower in modern business methods;

(iii) To provide government initiative through the establishment of government commercial concerns in partnership with the indigenous businessmen where necessary, thereby helping them to gain experience in the organisation and management of big commercial projects.

(iv) To assist the Nigerian businessmen to appreciate the advantages of pooling their resources, human and material by encouraging the formation of combines, partnership and incorporated companies;

(v) To promote the healthy growth of chambers of commerce and Trade Association as useful organs of communication between the government and business community;

(vi) To watch vigilantly always and to protect the public against any form of restrictive practices or other form of trade mal-practices;

(vii) To provide all the trade infrastructure necessary for the rapid growth of commerce and to render needed business advice to businessmen;

(viii) To strive vigorously to ensure adequate dissemination of business information in and about the state and to keep up-to-date records of the major commercial activities in the state;

(ix) To initiate any measures deemed necessary to counter any economic phenomena which are inimical to the commercial objectives of the state, such as during time of inflation or Recession; and were necessary, to seek requisite legislation or edict for direct government intervention;

(x) To obtain an up-to-date statistics of price movements which will serve as a guide to government budgeting control and financial management; and provide accurate date for other government fiscal or trade policies.

(xi) To advise the Federal Government and, were possible, act as its agent, in all trade matters affecting the state.

(xii) To consult and co-operate with the Federal, State, Local and other authorities on matters affecting the commerce and to do all such other things that are considered vital towards the realization of the state?s domestic trade objectives.

(xiii) To promote and encourage the growth of trade through the organisation and participation of trade fairs, exhibitions, expositions, symposia, seminars and workshops.

(xiv) To ensure development and marketing of local products and handicrafts.

(xv) To ensure the development and, maintenance and supervision of commercial projects in the state including shopping centres, Regional markets, hotels etc

(xvi) To undertake in ensure the full implementation of all government policies affecting commerce in general.

(xvii) To undertake in/ ensure the registration of all business premises and occupation in the state to maintain a register of all such registered particulars. This is to ensure effective planning and encourage revenue generation.


The external trade policy of this department aims at attaining the following objectives:-

(i) To seek unrelentingly new markets for, and to promote and expand the export trade of primary products.

(ii) To promote the export of other local and/ or made-in-Nigeria products;

(iii) To ensure that the indigenous businessman had an adequate information on overseas market both for the export and import trade;

(iv) To endeavour through every available opportunity to keep foreign businessmen well informed on the commercial potentials of the state; and to take all such measures as we made them take meaningful interest in the Nigerian market;

(v)To promote and foster smooth business relations between the indigenous businessmen and their foreign counterparts in order to sustain a steady growth in foreign trade;

(vi) To inculcate with the local businessmen; through sound commercial education or orientation, the virtues of honesty in business and the need to maintain good business image abroad;

(vii) To advice the Federal Government on all external trade matters relating to tariffs, import and export restrictions, foreign exchange control, expatriate quota; and ensure that all wholesome constraints on the growth of the external trade are promptly eliminated; and;

(viii) To initiate such other measures or take such other actions as will enhance the development of external trade in the State.


Reflecting the standard organization structure, the functions of the commerce department are sub-divided into five major functional branches under which sub-functions and major activities of the department fall. The detailed functions and major activities are as presented hereunder:-

Trade Promotion and Commercial Project Branch: This branch is engaged in the following:-

(i) Trade promotion matters including organization of trade fairs, Exhibitions and other Business promotions.

(ii) Export promotion matters including exploration and exploitation of the export potentials of the state as well as educating the business community on export procedures and management.

(iii) Coordinating the activities of the State export promotion Committee (An officer of the department function as a secretary).

(iv) Development and marketing of local products and handicrafts.

(v) Liaison with other ministries and organizations regarding domestic, inter-state and external trade matters.

(vi) Supply and distribution of essential and scarce commodities through the Delta marketing company or other designated outlets. (vii) Commercial project development, maintenance and supervision including shopping centres, Regional markets, etc.

(viii) Coordinating and Liaison with the organized private sector such as chambers of commerce and other trade association including MAN, NASSI, DACCIMA,NACCIMA Exporters association, etc

(ix) Coordinating and supervision of the activities of State-owned Hotels, Marketing Company.

(x) Maintaining and running a Delta State Local Handicraft shop and goods show room.

(xi) Formation, interpretation and execution of policies on commerce in the state.

(xii) Formulation, interpretation and execution of policies on commerce in the state.

Trade Protection and Information Branch: This branch is engaged in the following:-

(i) Consumer protection matters

(ii) Rendering of Trade Advisory services

(iii) Handling of trade complaints and enquiries

(iv) Investigation of trade malpractices

(v) Commercial feasibility studies and project/ investment profiles

(vi) Matters relating to standard weights and measure

(vii) Trade information and publications including publication and sale of business/trade bulletins, journals and directories

(viii) Writing of status reports on business organization.

(ix) Commercial education services including organization of seminars, symposia and workshops.

(x) Trade Regulation

(xi) Price intelligence and statistics including market survey and research.

(xii) Co-ordination of the activities of the consumer protection committee(An Officer of this department functions as secretary)

(xiii) Preparation of Delta State Market calendar.

(xiv) Collation of Weekly, Quarterly and Annual situation Reports.

TRADE REGISTRATION BRANCH: This branch is engaged in the following:-

(i) Registration of business premises and occupation in the State (This is to provide business data for planning purposes and to promote internal revenue generation)

(ii) Co-ordination of the operation of the Zonal offices/out stations

(iii) Departmental staff manners include postings discipline arranging for staff meetings and staff welfare matters.

(iv) Compilation of Revenue Returns

(v) Liaises with the Corporate Affairs Commission in the area of Business Names and incorporation of businesses.

(vi) Registration of Trade Associations

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