With proven reserves of more than 10 billion MT of Bentonite in Nigeria, and proofs that our local clay meets the current A.P.I Standard by beneficiation, it’s sad to know that the sodium Bentonite is still stereotyped as a temperate mineral, and rather un-fortunate that both the steel companies oil and gas companies in the Niger Delta and Africa still imports this rare mineral. There are currently no Bentonite Production plants in Africa and 100% of the mud used in drilling oil wells in Nigeria and all over Africa is imported mostly from the United States. A lot of revenue could be generated in revenue annually and thousands of jobs created especially in Delta State as major deposits have been found respective areas.

It is our privilege to invite investors to Delta State to participate in the establishment of this landmark project as pioneers. The plant will enjoy pioneer status, which will translate into significant benefits to the investors, Government and people of Delta State, and Nigeria in general. It is envisaged that the plant will in less than five years be a dominant supplier of Bentonite to oil and gas companies and other companies operating in Nigeria and Africa at large.


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