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The Delta State Government places high premium on a private sector driven industrial economy.

It is estimated that at least sixty percent of the total employment in the state is contributed by the states industrial sector. Consequently Government will continue to put in place, inspiring incentives and adequate infrastructures for prospective investors, especially those whose industries depend on the use of local industrial raw materials and transforming them into finished goods.

An articulate industrial policy for Delta State is in place and it is of great importance to the state government and the private sector alike, since both, by this is more aware of their respective complementary roles in the states industrial sector.

In view of the above and to make certain that the interest of all Stakeholders were covered, there was an extensive engagement of both government (Key MDAs) and private sector like MAN, NASSI, and DACCIMA.

The objective of the states industrial policy therefore, goes beyond merely transforming the state into a major industrialized economy that is market oriented, technologically and private-sector driven but with Government providing enabling environment that will facilitate easy access to local industrial raw materials for processing.

To Transform Delta State into an industrialized State and re-focus commerce as the hub of the economy of Delta State.

To design and implement policies, programmes and strategies for an efficient competitive and diversified private sector led industrialization.


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